Learn How to Reward and Incentivize your Training Partner

Deb G markers and motivators seminar will be this Saturday – feb 6 th at 11 am.

Improve performance and Reliability of Your Training Partner

This training session will show you how to mark, aka reward, at the right time, and we will show you how to use toys in the training program- thus avoiding being one of those trainers who say….”my dog only works for food”. Our goal is to show you how to better train your dogs. They can learn to work very excitedly for the promise of a toy, or of reward!

Fee of $30 RSVP to Noel if attending. Note – We expect to have 3 audit slots at $15. RSVP if interested. Feel free to share post with friends who have dogs they are training. We will improve your performances!  Join us for an exciting couple of hours!

Students from this seminar can participate in Deb’s 6 week class, the following week, the 13th February.