Kunkletown PA Dog Boarding Daycare Kennel Play Program

Looking for a safe professional dog boarding & kennel in Kunkletown in the Poconos also located close to the Stroudsburg and Lehigh Valley. Trifecta Kennels is the place for you. You will have the assurance your dog will receive the most caring and excellent care from experienced, professional dog lovers?

At Trifecta you will experience the best longtime Kunkletown area Daycare, Kennel, Boarding, & Play Experience with Just Dogs! We offer dog kenneling services for boarding your dog and we also provide top notch Doggy Daycare (Doggie Daycare), dog grooming, and dog training as well as our own 5 acre Dog Park where your pup can stay and play!

With 20 years of experience, we are the only dog boarding & kenneling provider in the Kunkletown Pocono region which caters to just dogs and has a unmatched five acres for your dog to roam on in a safe beautiful, serene setting.

We give your Kunkletown dog plenty of opportunity to get off-leash fresh air and exercise in our own dog park, giving you peace of mind. You know your dog will be safe and well cared for.

When we built our facility near Kunkletown, we made sure to provide large, full sized roomy kennels and not small crates. We believe your best friend needs a safe, clean, comfortable space when they aren’t at home with you. We strongly believe they need to be social with other compatible dogs and regularly physically active to prevent things like stress and separation anxiety.

Kunkletown Dog Daycare Near Me – Poconos

When you’re planning your next vacation or just a two day getaway and need a convenient and safe place for your Kunkletown dog to say while being well taken care of, look to Trifecta Doggy Daycare.

The best part of Trifecta Kennels is that your dog will have fun while you vacation, work, or are out running errands.

The fact that Trifecta Kennels is Located close to many major areas such as Kunkletown, Nazareth, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Brodheadsville PA just to name a few, which makes your decision to allow your pet to have fun while you take that well deserved vacation much easier.

Your Kunkletown dogs will truly enjoy their daily playtime in our unmatched 5 acre dog park filled with toys, play tunnels, and wading pools in the summer. Your Dog is always supervised by our pet loving, trained, and experienced staff.

There is no dog that is too small or too big. All of them are put into appropriate groups to ensure their safety and optimize the playtime experience. Your dog will most certainly have an enjoyable experience while staying near home in Kunkletown.

Your dog’s exercise and socialization needs will also be met. It’s a pleasure to know that each and every morning, we will be greeted by happy, excited dogs anxious to come out of the gate and start their day with the Trifecta staff.
Our easy access location is super close to Kunkletown. Our doggie daycare is open 6 days a week on Monday-Saturday.

Please bring your beloved dog, your canine family member, in today or whenever you need our service. Your dog’s day out will be a great time, and you’ll see why our patrons say we’re the best doggy daycare in the Kunkletown Poconos and Lehigh Valley region.

Cost is always a concern, so you will enjoy our low cost dog boarding near me Kunkletown knowing what many people are obviously looking for. Of course they want quality care and a great environment for their dogs as well. We provide it all. With our clean, air-purified facilities by Advanced IAQ Solutions, sprawling dog park training field, training classes, daycare, and grooming right on site; you don’t have to look any further. And the in house dog boarding we offer is convenient to both Poconos and Lehigh Valley residents.

These days you’re probably having a tough time finding free dog boarding near you in Kunkletown, but we have an affordable quality solution. Our low cost dog boarding near your Kunkletown home or vacation spot is available 7 days a week.

We offer both daily dog daycare (6 days a week) and overnight dog boarding. We realize emergency dog boarding is sometimes a needed thing these days. People have to travel unexpectedly and need a place for their dog. We can usually quickly accommodate Kunkletown residents the same or next day.

Affordable Kunkletown Dog Boarding Prices Near Me is what many people are obviously looking for. Of course they want quality care and a great environment for their dogs as well. We provide it all. With our clean, air-purified facilities by Advanced IAQ Solutions, sprawling dog park training field, training classes, daycare, and grooming right on site; you don’t have to look any further. And the in house dog boarding we offer is convenient to both Poconos and Lehigh Valley residents.

Dog Boarding & Service Rates
Most people find our Kunkletown Dog Boarding/Kenneling rates to be very affordable. Boarding services per day for one dog in one kennel is $25. Two dogs in one kennel is $45 per day. If your dog has special dietary needs we take care of them for an added $1 per day. You also need not worry if your dog takes special medication, we can administer it professionally for just $1 per day extra. Talk to us if you have a need for extended care or any other services that might require special treatment or consideration. You’ll find at Trifecta we really strive to be accommodating and flexible.

Questions Most Asked By Our Customers

FAQ – What Others Are Asking & Looking For:

Where can I get dog boarding near me cheap?
Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Remember, sometimes too cheap elsewhere isn’t worth it.

What are Dog Boarding Kennels?
Dog Kennels are places where dogs stay overnight for a longer period. Dog Boarding is generally kenneling with more pampering and services. We offer these extended services for your dog, so we can be considered a Dog Boarding Kennel.

Do You Offer Dog Training? Are You a Dog Boarding School?
Yes. We offer training many days a week right on premises.

Do You Have Outdoor Dog Kennels?
We don’t have outdoor dog kennels because our dogs are housed inside in indoor dog kennels, but we have a very large outdoor grassy play area for socializing, exercise, and good fun.

Can You AccomModate Very Large and Small Dogs?
We have space for both large and small dogs. Our housing area has large dog kennels (full size) for people with bigger dogs. We do not use dog crates for any of our guest pets.

I’m Looking for Dog Boarding Near Me with Cameras. Do You Have Security Cameras?
We have security cameras on the premises.

I Live near Trifecta. I’m Looking for a Dog Daycare Job Are You Hiring?
Yes we often need people, so make an inquiry if you’re looking for work.

Do you have dog boarding near me not neutered?
If your dog isn’t neutered, it is not a problem.

How Do You Compare to Dog Boarding Near Me From Petsmart?
We believe we are truly unique and are a better solution than Petsmart. Come and see our facilities and meet our caring team to see why. We offer so much on our un matched 6 acre grounds.

Is Overnight Dog Boarding Near Me Available?
Yes. You can leave your dog with us overnight for 1 night or multiple days. Long term dog boarding is something many people ask for and use us for. Some people also refer to this as dog daycare overnight.

Do You Offer Luxury Dog Boarding Near Me?
We don’t offer specific luxury Dog Boarding, but we think you’ll find our service, care and facilities are better than nearly all the rest.
Do You Offer Small Dog Boarding Near Me?
Yes, we can and do accomodate small dogs. we are experienced with small dogs. They are welcome here.

PA Dog Kennel Requirements
We meet all of the state of Pennsylvania’s requirements for Dog Kennels and go above and beyond those requirements.
What Is Included with Your Dog Kenneling Services?

What Are Your Rates? What Is Your Dog Kenneling Cost / Dog Daycare Cost?
Boarding Kenneling services are per day per dog
1 Dog, One Kennel – $40 per day
2 Dogs, Same Kennel – $75 per day
3 Dogs, Same Kennel (small) – $95 per day
Special Dietary Needs – $2 per day
Medication Administration – $2 per day

Obedience Lesson – $20.00

Massage – $20.00 per half hour
Dogs enjoy physical touch, and when they are away from their owners this gives them the calming stress relief many dogs (just like humans) crave.

Dog Grooming Services
Baths or Grooming (dependent on size and condition) – $25.00 and up
Nails Only – $12.00
Maintenance Brushing – $20.00 per 15 minutes

Baths plus grooming, which are dog size and condition dependent, are $25 and up (plus tax). Special medicated shampoos are available to treat a number of common dog skin and glandular conditions. Pedicures are $12 (plus tax). Maintenance brushing for 15 minutes which helps with deshedding and deodorizing is $20 (plus tax).

Do You Offer Cage Free Dog Boarding Near Me?
We do not at this time.

Do You Offer Dog Training And Boarding Near Me?
Yes, we can both board and train your dog. We normally offer training classes for dog and owner together, but we can train your dog while boarding by special request. Contact us to learn more.

Do You Offer Dog Boarding For Aggressive Dogs?
We would need more details on your dog. We consider aggressive dogs on a case by case basis. If we feel we can safely board your dog and maintain our level of care for our other guest, we can accomodate you. Please contact us for more information.

Do You Offer 24 hour Dog Daycare?
Yes, this is the same as boarding or kenneling. Please contact us if you have specific needs.

Do You Offer Unleashed Dog Daycare?
Yes, this falls under our add-ons which are listed above.

Do You Offer Doggy Daycare Farm Trips?
We do not offer Farm or other trips. Because our grounds are so expansive and green, there really is no need for this service for our pet guests.

We strive to be the best dog daycare near you in Kunkletown. Please let us know if there is anything further we can help with or address, and how we can help you and your dog!