Jonas Dog Boarding, Daycare, Kennel & Play for Dogs

Trifecta Kennels has been established as a dog boarding/daycare/boarding kennel facility in the Jonas, PA area since 1979. What makes us unique is our clientele. We only provide services for dogs, and we do not provide for any other animals. We are dog experts. If you are seeking a professional, caring dog boarding kennel in the Jonas area we do provide that, but we also host Dog Daycare, dog grooming, and one of our specialties is dog training programs. You can take a look at our virtual tour and the selection of DVD videos and training programs we offer here

No Small

Crates/Cages – Large Metal Pens Used in Dog Kennel Area for Your Pets

As we initially built our facility, we committed to providing clean, spacious full-sized kennels not crates. When outside of their regular environment most dogs enjoy being social and physically being active which alleviates anxiety from separation. Our property is on six acres of land, where we have fully enclosed large runs, so your dog gets the freedom of exercise off of the leash. As a Jonas area dog owner, we know you can appreciate the rest your dog gets after they have had some time to work off their energy.

Puppies can get into a lot of trouble when left home alone for extended periods of time, so let us care for them if you need to be out during the day so they get the interaction they crave and don’t get bored or anxious in a crate for too long. We highly encourage new Jonas area puppy owners to take our puppy basics class which helps educate new owners.

Our Dog Boarding & Daycare Clients

Each dog has individual needs depending on their breed and history. Therapy dogs which come through our training program will pass their evaluation often on the first try. If you proudly own a pure-bred show dog, as AKC judges we can share our expertise with you and get you on your way to the wins and places our clients regularly receive. If you have adopted a rescue dog through any of our Monroe County adoption programs, you are aware that sometimes rescues require some further rehabilitation to end aggressive behaviors. Come Command Training as well as Rally Excellent classes are very popular a Trifecta where we also award certifications for Canine Good Citizens who complete our course.

From Beginner Basics which addresses housetraining and behavioral issues like jumping and excessive barking to our Advanced Obedience Trainings, we take pleasure in providing a full range of training opportunities which highlight our dog behaviorist experience. Both group classes or if you prefer, private trainings are available. To view our upcoming calendar click here

With very affordable rates in the Jonas area, boarding services for a single dog is $25. Kenneling two dogs together in one kennel is$45 per day. Group play time or field runs can be added for a total of $30 per day. Special dietary needs add just $1 per day, and medication professionally administer for $1 per day extra. We really try to be accommodating, so if you require any further services, please don’t hesitate to ask us. To protect all of our borders, Trifecta Kennels requires up-to date vaccines including Bordetella and heart worm treatments. We can provide you with the specific details, when you contact us at 610-681-4521

Additional services include 20 mins per day in the large exercise area is just $4. Maybe your dog would enjoy 15 minutes for a Fitness Run or Walk at $5 extra. A massage for half an hour would be a great treat for $20. Keep your dog calm and stress-free while they are away from your home in Jonas. Baths and grooming are $30 or more and are dependent on the size of your dog and their skin and glandular condition. We have a full line of medicated shampoos to treat any problem areas. Nail trimming can be added for $12. Coat maintenance and de-shedding 15 minute brushings (which most dogs really enjoy) can be added for $20.

Meeting Your Dog’s Specific Boarding & Daycare Needs

Hours for all of our Jonas clients include drop-off on Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 AM or from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Pick-up times are from 8:00 to 10:00 AM or from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Sundays you can pick-up from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Also, just let us know in advance if you require special drop off or pick up arrangement.