Puppy Program (15 weeks to 6 months)
This 6 week puppy class is informative, motivational in content and is designed to help you and your pup communicate with each other. The program is our most popular training service and many veterinarians either use us for this, or refer clients to us, or both!

Late Starters Class
For dogs 6 months and up. 6 weeks in length, and designed to help owners regain/maintain control over their young adult canine companions.

Rally , AKC Obedience and Therapy Dog training
Our students frequently take placements at their trials. Our students learn to train their dog to a competitive level and learn to become successful handlers in the ring.

Early Spring thru early winter/late fall. Our agility instructors are popular with the human students and the canine students.  They believe agility should be FUN, and, believe us, it is!

Private Sessions
Private obedience sessions are popular and are ideal for circumstances like obtaining a new older dog, or even a puppy when falling between our class sessions. We say training delayed is training denied. When you obtain a new dog or puppy, make seeing us a priority.

Aggression and or behavioral consults are available.  That info is on our training page.