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Dog Grooming Near Me Pocono Mountains PA

Trifecta’s Doggy Namesakes
Why is Trifecta Kennels so great for Dog Grooming and other dog services? We’ve been in the community for more than 30 years. We’ve worked hard to build up a reputation as a reputable, respected and friendly dog grooming, boarding, and training facility in the Poconos. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and service to the dogs in the region.

In addition to our on site dog grooming facilities, we have a spacious dog kennels that can accommodate all of your dogs in their own kennels or in a shared kennel if desired. We have a large, fully fenced yard with a separate area for exercise and relaxation. We have a state of the art grooming area with one of the best machines in the state for cleaning ears. We offer the best care for your dog. Come and experience Trifecta Dog Kennels for yourself. We offer a great grooming package and a convenient daycare option.

Trifecta Dog Kennels is proud to offer the people of the Pocono Mountains the best dog grooming experience in the area. We’ve created a basic page explaining the benefits of visiting our kennels.

Our facility is fully enclosed with a large dog run, bird feeder, and places to sit and lay down. We provide the best in dog care, grooming, and grooming supplies. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible care and service to all of our clients.

All of our dogs are treated with love and kindness, with the best in training, nutrition (Fromm dog foods), and grooming. Our staff will get your dog looking and feeling its best and ready for all of your photo shoots, dog shows, and events.

We are a family owned, boutique dog daycare and boarding facility, located in Gilbert, PA. We specialize in Grooming, Daycare, Puppy grooming, Dog Training, and Dog Walking. We are the ONLY kennel in the Poconos that offers Pet Sitting services and your dog will always enjoy the best indoor air quality in the area due to the work of Advanced IAQ Solutions of Bath PA. Our boarding is also very affordable! Check out our grooming page for additional information.

We also offer many hours of dog training. Dogs have a lot of love to give! We hope you will come by and meet our dogs and some of the dogs we’ve trained. We have been training and grooming dogs for over four decades. All of our dog grooming products are all natural, made from pure ingredients and are chemical free. Our prices are very reasonable, and our professional dog groomers will give you the best grooming experience in the area.

On the third Sunday of each month, we will have a community flea and tick dip. Trifecta Dog Kennels will have flea and tick products on hand for those who would like to get their dogs cleaned up. Please stop in and let us know if you’d like to get your dog’s flea and tick dip or bring in your own.

We provide professional services that meet the needs of pet owners and pets in the Poconos. We have groomed animals in the Poconos for almost 42 years now. Our reputation has allowed us to work with many clients and we look forward to providing the best grooming experience in the area.

We offer a variety of grooming services to help you keep your dog healthy and looking their best. Our prices are affordable and we offer complimentary gift cards so that you can shop and save money while you get your dog the service they deserve.

Why Trifecta Dog Kennels?
• Our staff and clients have great reviews.
• We have great client retention.
• We are a business owned by people who live in the area and who care about the pets.
• We know the pets of our clients, and we work with them.

We have lots of options available for pets in need of grooming and medical treatment. We have a variety of products that we use to give pets a good experience. We want our clients to know that they can trust us and that we will do everything we can to give their pet a good experience. We invite them to come to Trifecta Kennels and see for themselves. We also want to put a strong face to Trifecta’s Dog Daycare and Kennels and to prove to our clients that we are the best in the area.

We want to let people in the Pocono Mountains know that we are the best kennel in the area and that we treat our pets with love and respect.

We offer both pet grooming and boarding in a safe and secure environment. Our boarding area is a place for your pet to feel safe and secure with room for up to 200 dogs. We also offer full kennel services. We can take care of all your dog needs. We want to be the best dog grooming service in the area and the top choice for pet lovers. By staying consistent in our services and our name since 1979 we hope to maintain the good reputation that we continue to cultivated in our community.

The word is spreading in the Pocono Mountains that Trifecta Dog Kennels offers the best grooming experience in the area. We want to be the top choice for pet lovers. The best way to achieve this is to let people know that our grooming is the top choice in the area. Being on the top of the Pocono Mountains best businesses and on our customers minds is truly our goal. Let us be your first call whenever you need your dogs groomed.

It’s important that people know who we are. This includes knowing what we offer, what our prices are and how we differ from other grooming establishments. We are a dog grooming establishment in the Gilbert, PA area right next to Brodheadsville. We work with some of the highest quality, healthy, and friendly dogs. We don’t just groom dogs, we are involved with dog nutrition, dog health, and disease prevention. We also offer boarding. We provide high quality care, individualized service, and are committed to making sure that you and your dog

We offer great prices for grooming and boarding dogs. Our prices are a fraction of the cost of other grooming services. We love dogs, and we love our jobs even more! We are passionate about what we do, and our clients are always happy to have us work for them. We provide a dog walking service and pet sitting service as well as grooming. We offer grooming services for pets that need their teeth cleaned, their nails clipped and their ears cleaned. We also provide a dog walking service that is aimed at meeting dogs’ needs and keeping them happy and healthy. This is our most popular service offered to the public.

Give us a call today and schedule your dog’s next appointment before the holiday season.