Pocono Summit Dog Kennel – Boarding & Play Program for Dogs

You will know after the first time you visit Trifecta Kennels that we take our role in your dog’s life very seriously. We are professionals, and have a 100% professional staff. Come check out Trifecta Kennels in Gilbert, PA and enjoy all the benefits of the excellent professional care we provide. When you leave our kennel door, you will have the peace of mind and comfort that comes from knowing your best friend and family member is receiving excellent professional care.

Ask your Pocono Summit area friends and neighbors, and you can stop searching for the perfect place to take your canine companion while you are away from home. At Trifecta Kennels, we are highly confident in our reputation for being safe, and are backed by referrals of many area veterinarians. Trifecta is where they bring their dogs and that speaks volumes.

No Small

Crates/Cages – Large Metal Pens Used in Dog Kennel Area for Your Pets

We have been providing canine kennel, training and grooming services to Pocono Summit dog owners for over 30 years. We have worked with countless Pocono Mountain and Lehigh Valley dogs, and we are experts in all things dog for all canine life stages. Rest assured, Trifecta is the perfect place for your dog to board either overnight for an extended trip or vacation, or just for the day at our doggie daycare while you need to be away from them, like taking in a race at Pocono Raceway. We specialize in just dogs… not cats. We stick with what we know we are really good at and what we are passionate about.

Our Dog Boarding & Daycare Clients

We provide full-service dog boarding and boarding daycare for many different breeds and sizes of dogs not in welded wire containment crates or a crate cage designed to just confine a small animal, but kennels with large open rural runs protected by chain link to provide exercise, play and free movement dogs need. Check in with other dog kennels in the Pocono Summit area and then come visit us and you will instantly see the difference in our level of care and service.

At Trifecta, we offer training videos to help our community dog owners in understanding and treating the problem of housebreaking or destructive behavior which can ruin furniture and your Pocono Summit home décor. We have a full line of tips on our site, as well as, an on-line shop where you will find training videos you can’t find anywhere else, even the Crossings Outlets won’t render this specialized product. We stand behind every item in our store to meet your need for training knowledge and application.

Meeting Your Dog’s Specific Boarding & Daycare Needs

We will carefully administer medication with veterinary instructions, and we provide complimentary food or if your pet has special dietary needs we recommend you bring food. We ask that all dogs show proof of rabies vaccination and are current on their Bordetella shots, because we are a safe boarding kennel, taking great care to protect each our individual Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania furry friends and provide them with quality companionship, so they have a boarding safe and well-adjusted experience. We offer many options in additional services with a full menu of grooming and playtime meet greet interaction.

Our best marketing is by word of mouth and those that love us most bark loudly in the Pocono Mountains as their dogs love us. You can take a virtual tour of our boarding facility and checkout all the resources on our site to better familiarize yourself with our offerings. You can see all of our reviews feedback and glowing testimonies on our site as well. If you have any questions at any time before during or after checkout, please do not hesitate to ask. We make it our mission to serve as your resource and ally in becoming the owner of a well-trained, well-behaved, happy dog.

Contact us today to come visit, make a reservation, and become one of our Pocono Summit/Pocono Mountains family. We can provide you with the specific details, when you contact us at 610-681-4521.