Bangor Dog Kennel – Boarding & Play Program for Dogs

You have found us! Trifecta kennels is the place your dog can call a home away from home. A large majority of the Pocono Mountain veterinarians are loyal Trifecta customers boarding their dogs with us, and referring their clients to us. Vets feel confident at Trifecta we can provide for the special needs dogs may have, because those vets know we are professionals and are very highly trained. We can care for dogs with special health concerns while owners are away. Many of those vets have participated with us in our training programs as well, knowing that a well-trained dog is a happy dog.

Our Dog Boarding & Daycare Clients

We know there are many factors influencing your decision on where to board your dog, but we are confident because when a dog boards with us, they come back again and again.The dog boarding facility at Trifecta is top-ranked. Over 34 years of serving the Bangor area in northeastern Pennsylvania, we at Trifecta Kennels have earned an outstanding reputation in the Bangor community. Open seven days a week, our rural, secluded boarding facility is safe for your dog. The chain link kennel used elsewhere often doesn’t allow for free play like a dog gets at home, and dogs like to exercise during their boarding stay or training period. We also include a lot of extras most boarding and doggie daycare facilities don’t provide. We know dogs love boarding with us, in part because we cater to dogs only.

If you have had a less than satisfactory experience at other Bangor area dog kennel boarding facilities or not been happy enrolled at other Monroe County doggie daycare programs, please come tour and critically review our facility. We are confident after doing so, you will want to come and board your dog with us. When you dog comes for doggie daycare or stays with us for overnight boarding, we know it is very important for your dog to have special time set aside to engage and be interactive.

At Trifecta, we work diligently to provide an environment where our guests are physically and mentally stimulated which helps lessen the stress they may experience.When dogs are removed from their regular environment at home, they may experience increasing anxiety and stress levels. We invest significant time to train all of our staff, so they are highly capable of providing the best care possible for your dog in the Bangor area. We have a built a strong,successful, family-friendly kennel you can trust.

Why would you hire a possibly unreliable, neighborhood, high school teen to come (or not come) to your Bangor home, when your dog can board at a premier boarding facility at Trifecta Kennels. Come discover Trifecta, the professional boarding facility for beloved family dogs.Before staying with us, we require our clients to provide a copy of their Bordetella and rabies vaccination shot records to make sure they are current. For your dog’s protection, up-to-date vaccinations are required of all dogs on our property, from the long weekend boarder to the regular, weekday, doggie daycare participant. Call us, and we can review the reservation and check-in process with you. Rest assured our veterinarian is always on call in the case of an emergency.

Occasionally we hear about outbreaks of doggie parainfluenza at other national and Pennsylvania kennels, because their kennel conditions aren’t sanitary. If you board with us or even at another facility, we highly recommend you perform spot safety checks, so we recommend you to stop-in anytime. Some of our competitors don’t spend sufficient time on intake when dogs arrive, because they feel it is too time-consuming, but we understand the attention your dogs need and we invest the time to make sure we have all of the proper information before you leave your dog with us.

Our Trifecta housebreaking video can end destructive behavior, like chewing on antique furniture or jumping up on expensive couches. In the video you will learn how to curb dangerous behaviors like jumping on elementary school children or nipping, excessive barking, or even biting. Not only has our video received very positive news reviews and press feedback, but more importantly our clients have increased their understanding and knowledge base. We want dog owners to quickly and effectively train their dogs so they can experience the joys of dog ownership.

No Small

Crates/Cages – Large Metal Pens Used in Dog Kennel Area for Your Pets

When you come and tour the dog kennel facility at Trifecta, you will see the size of our comfortable pens. These are not folding crates. In fact, the large runs are our specialty. We don’t use cheap wire kennels with welded wire dogs find uncomfortable and very confining. The folding crates are not acceptable for long periods of time. If you’re taking an extended vacation or trip, or just running errands during the day and you need to use a crate talk to us. We can help your home décor needs by getting rid of the unsightly dog crates, as we recommend a single door pen for all life stages of a dog. Before you shop and place an order on-line for a crate off of Amazon to serve as even a temporary confinement space for your dog, please contact Trifecta.

When you go out your front door on vacation, make sure you choose the best kennel for your best furry friend. One thing that sets Trifecta Kennels apart from our competition is we specialize in boarding dogs, and ONLY dogs. If you can’t leave your dog at home to take advantage of that gym membership or you need to leave during the day due to business meetings, our doggie daycare treats your dog like a family member providing for all their needs compassionately. At Trifecta our job is to make sure you and your dog are happy when you need to spend time away from them.

Small containment carrier area or uncomfortable crates that does not provide adequate space are not only inappropriate but potentially inhumane. Dogs who are crate-trained properly in the proper sized crate will happily go in their crates as you leave the house, because it a place where they feel safe and protected. If they require medications we can administer them professionally and we make sure to stop anxiety from their first time visit, so they will be excited to return. We put your dog’s safety at a premium and provide a safe space for dogs to meet and greet.Our canine best friends all receive complimentary contact time with our expert handlers, who can spot and correct any misbehaviors.

Prior to checkout, we will can provide an evaluation and can report on any behavior we noticed during the structured visits that you should be aware of. After completing many American and internationally renowned courses instructed by animal psychologists, we can recognize not only physical but emotional distress in an animal and know how to ease the symptoms of conditions like owner separation anxiety or attack trauma which can cause complications with socialization. There is never a clear encyclopedia definition for many of the problems you may see manifested in your animals unwanted behavior, but we can help you come to a clearer understanding of how to stop that behavior and eliminate the conditions that make pet ownership difficult improving the owner pet relationship greatly.

Meeting Your Dog’s Specific Boarding & Daycare Needs

Many dogs require specialized foods due to sensitive intestines. If your dog has a unique, specialized diet, please review that with us. We may ask that you provide food if your dog has a very special diet, like a puppy requiring special supplements for improved neuro developmental growth, but be aware our high quality, vet approved food is provided complimentary as a part of your dog’s visit. We make sure your dog’s nutritional needs are met. We can use a shed-stop feed supplement, if family members have hypoallergenic needs. If prescribed with information by your vet, we can provide daily panleukopenia treatments.We can provide supervised playtime for dogs with special mobility needs, but ask that you give us specific instructions on any medications and a reference number for your vet on infection, tumors or any medical condition, so we can call if you have any questions or concerns throughout your dog’s time with us.

Your dog obviously requires the best care as you are here reading and investing time in learning more about the best boarding facility in the Bangor area.Our training kennel service near Bangor features a staff excited to bring your dog outside every day for much needed play time.We understand and cater to the very unique life needs of dogs!We make your dogs’ comfort our priority going above and beyond when we were in the construction phase and we built-in full kennels instead of wire crates. We wanted dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes to be able to move around freely and play getting the daily exercise they need to thrive in any environment.

We provide the best care and programs for the family pet and the rare championship blue ribbon dog show champions. We can read your dog’s needs communicated through their relationship behavior. Our boarding technicians are trained to recognize salmonellosis using thermo-regulation which varies by individual dog. Our Bangor area boarding facility located in the Commonwealth is professionally run and while we wish we could provide free access services, like some area non-profit rescue organizations, we know you will find our rates reasonable and affordable.